Help your research make an impact for ocean conservation.

Scientific research needs to be accessible for it to be useful for sustainable ocean management and conservation. Jargon and complex language make understanding and using important scientific knowledge difficult, especially for non-native English speakers. Scientific journal articles are written for academics. Help managers and conservationists get the most out of your research by writing for them.

OCTO staff specialize in communicating ocean and coastal science for the people who manage, restore, and conserve our ocean resources. We'll summarize your research to make it more accessible. We'll also share your research with the OpenChannels community, serving over 80,000 practitioners a year.

Research outputs not only need to be accessible in a comprehension-sense, but also readable without paywalls. At OCTO, we value open science and open access. Most publishers encourage sharing your research openly in subject-specific, nonprofit-run repositories. Conveniently, OCTO manages MarXiv: the research repository for the ocean and marine-climate sciences. Share your research openly with us and the world, and we'll summarize your research for free. Rather not? In that case, we offer summaries as a fee-based service for a flat US$200 fee.

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