Our Team

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Our Team
John Davis, M.M.A.
John is the founder and president of OCTO and editor-in-chief of MPA News. He has built and managed global information services on ocean and environmental management issues for more than 20 years.
Sarah Carr, Ph.D.
Chief Knowledge Broker
Sarah Carr has coordinated the EBM Tools Network – a global alliance of 10,000 EBM tool developers, practitioners, and training providers – since its launch in 2006. For the past five years she has also edited The Skimmer on Marine Ecosystems and Management (previously known as MEAM). Sarah is a former Knauss Marine Policy Fellow.
Nick Wehner, M.M.A.
Director of Open Initiatives
Nick leads OCTO's Open Science and Open Access efforts, including OpenChannels and OCTO's various open-source technologies. Nick spends his time advocating for open prinicples and helping OCTO partners increase their reach and influence by breaking down barriers to access.
Mike Hay, Ph.D.
Data Scientist
Mike is OCTO's resident Data Scientist, focusing on analyzing which content is most relevant to our audiences so we can allocate resources appropriately.
Tundi Agardy, Ph.D.
Contributing Editor, The Skimmer
Tundi is an expert in marine conservation and resource management with extensive field experience in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and North America. She is executive director of Sound Seas, an independent policy group.
David Fluharty, Ph.D.
Editorial Board Chair, The Skimmer & MPA News
Dave has a distinguished record of public service on marine issues, including consulting on projects from West Africa to the Yellow Sea. He is an associate professor at the University of Washington School of Marine and Environmental Affairs.